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Drawing from over 25 years of experience, we are able to address and solve challenges faced by small businesses and entrepreneurs alike.

We assist small businesses in making operational and critical decisions on-demand through improved efficiencies, forecasting, trending analysis while increasing their profitability margins.

With the Pay-As-You-Go program, small businesses are able to revitalize their business, experience its potential and take advantage of business resources and technology solutions, components and addons with ease without incurring high cost.


However, our Distributors make it possible to reach out to small businesses seeking business and technology solutions, deployment strategies, and entrepreneurial support and assistance. As Distributors pursue business and technology opportunities, their weekly income rises providing a quality of life they so desire.

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Collaborative Strategy. Less Paperwork. Increase Profits. Win-Win.

Quality Assurance & Management

FuTechX embraces quality assurance (QA) and testing services opportunities to realize success holistically.

Focused benefits consist of accountability, completed process, consistency, compliance, improved communication and availability of digital records.

Focus on most significant changes prior to new release cycles. Stakeholders collaborate to understand prioritized events prior to testing efforts.

Foundationally, align all quality activities, but not just a few enterprise objectives. As far as emerging practices, try embedding quality activities into key processes across the organization.

The quality function supports and evaluates quality throughout the enterprise but does not mandate the details of how quality is achieved. In the meantime, the team leads continuous improvement efforts in various business units.

If you have any questions for related consulting efforts. We are available.